How Gravity Grabber Got 10+ Hours Back Each Month With Zamp

Discover how e-commerce brand Gravity Grabber gained sales tax peace of mind—and time back to focus on growing their business.

How Gravity Grabber Got 10+ Hours Back Each Month With Zamp
Founded 2020
Based Logan, Utah
Industry E-commerce
Mission Provide outdoor sports enthusiasts with an easy to use, safe, and effective ski and snowboard storage solution
I’ve been able to spend 10 more hours a month running the business than worrying about collecting sales tax.
Hogan DeSpain
Hogan DeSpain VP of Marketing at Gravity Grabber

About Gravity Grabber

Gravity Grabber was created in 2020 when outdoor enthusiast Steve Jenson needed to store the messy pile of ski and snowboarding equipment taking up space in his garage. 

After being frustrated with existing storage solutions that didn’t hold up, he was on a mission to create a product that would be safe, effective, and easy for fellow outdoor sports lovers to use.  


A fast growth company with limited resources has no time to deal with sales tax.

Since 2020, Gravity Grabber has been operating full speed ahead as a small but mighty team of two. Sales skyrocketed. However, sales tax complexities piled on as they were quickly meeting economic nexus in additional states. 

The team had tried making it work with two different software providers, but one was “too expensive” and required constant monitoring. The other required “at least 10 hours of attention a month” and led to missed deadlines and compounding liabilities.

Hogan recalls, “When an all-in-one solution like Zamp came, and I didn’t have to touch sales tax, I was excited.” 


Zamp has been a game-changer for the Gravity Grabber team, driving three key benefits:  

Benefit #1: No time spent on sales tax 

Since implementing Zamp, Hogan went from spending hours on each registration and monitoring liabilities to completely taking sales tax off his team’s plate. 

“I haven’t had to touch anything. Instead of sales tax, I have more time to optimize our marketing and design new products.”

Benefit #2: Responsive and proactive support team 

Not only did Zamp provide the managed approach he had been looking for, but it came with the peace of mind of knowing a team of sales tax experts was just a quick phone call or email away.  

“I could call and Zamp’s team would answer me at any time of the day.” 

Benefit #3: Effortless onboarding and implementation 

Unlike prior sales tax providers Hogan’s team had worked with, Zamp’s onboarding process was a breeze. 

  1. 1. Within seconds, provided Zamp access to transactional data via Amazon and Shopify integration
  2. 2. Signed pre-populated Power of Attorney forms
  3. 3. Set-up Multi-Factor Authentication with our expert team on the phone

After just a few calls and email exchanges, the Gravity Grabber account was set-up for success. 


Gravity Grabber spends their time focusing on growth instead of sales tax.

Here’s a snapshot of how Zamp has helped Gravity Grabber get 10+ hours back each month: 

  • Prior sales tax liabilities & notices fully addressed
  • 8 state registrations completed
  • 8 state accounts configured
  • 3 months of accurate and timely filing

As they continue to expand, Zamp will continue to take care of their sales tax needs from start to finish—allowing Hogan and his team to take care of what they do best at Gravity Grabber.

“If you’re considering Zamp, just do it. Their value is clear and their team knows what they’re doing. It will make your life easier in the long run. It pays for itself and some.”

Every business has to deal with sales tax. You shouldn’t have to choose between staying compliant and growing your business—with Zamp, you can do both. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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