Solace Bands Spends 2 Minutes Per Month on Sales Tax with Zamp

Smartwatch accessories brand Solace Bands trusts Zamp to handle sales tax from start to finish, freeing up their time to focus on growth.

Solace Bands Spends 2 Minutes Per Month on Sales Tax with Zamp
Founded 2021
Based Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Industry E-commerce, Smartwatch Accessories
Mission Provide smartwatch users with watch bands that are engineered to keep up with active lifestyles, with a focus on unrivaled comfort and thoughtful design.
Sales tax is now hands-off for us.
Chad Helod
Chad Helod Co-Owner of Solace Bands

About Solace Bands

After searching for an Apple Watch band, Chad Held was frustrated by the lack of affordable, stylish, and unique options available on the market. He decided to take matters into his own hands when he co-founded Solace Bands in 2021.

The brand offers high quality, hypoallergenic watch bands at an affordable price point. Designed to prevent irritation and provide unrivaled comfort that won't interfere with daily activities, the bands are also available in a wide range of styles to suit any occasion.

From sports enthusiasts to home chefs, Solace Bands has become a staple for smartwatch wearers across the globe—and now boasts over 200,000 happy customers.


Sales tax is complicated, especially in times of rapid growth.

Less than a year into launching, Solace Bands was quickly gaining traction. After quitting his job to run the business full-time, growth continued to skyrocket into 2022. Eventually, Chad’s team of two expanded to thirteen team members to keep up with demand. 

Fast forward to 2023, and sales tax obligations kept piling on for Chad and his team. It was time to find a solution. However, during his search for a sales tax provider, he realized that most options would still require a significant amount of maintenance on his end. He wanted a solution that would fully take sales tax off his plate. Enter Zamp.  

“Zamp checked all the boxes for us. It was a completely white glove, hands-off solution.”


Zamp manages all of Solace Bands’ sales tax compliance needs, driving 3 primary benefits:   

Benefit #1: White glove service and a truly hands-off sales tax experience

Once he partnered with Zamp, he was relieved to know it was a truly hands-off sales tax solution—he now only spends about 2 minutes per month on sales tax. This meant his team could finally get sales tax off of their plate. 

“Other Solutions aren't as hands-off. You still have to do things and it still takes time out of your day.” 

Benefit #2: Ease of working with an experienced customer support team

Aside from managing the complexities of sales tax, Chad knows that if any questions come up, Zamp’s customer support team will be a breeze to work with.

“I’d say the biggest benefit is the ease of working with you guys.”

Benefit #3: A quick and easy implementation process  

Onboarding and implementation was a fast and simple process. After completing the following steps, Chad was all set:  

  1. 1. Give Zamp access to his Shopify store and transactional data.
  2. 2. Zamp let him know what states they had the obligation to start collecting sales tax in, and they turned it on in Shopify.
  3. 3. Zamp handles the rest.

“It was very easy to get started. It took maybe three or four emails back and forth.”


Keeping up with sales tax requirements is no longer a burden. Chad can prioritize expanding the business instead.  

Here’s how Zamp has managed sales tax for Chad and his team since getting started: 

  • 7 months of accurate and timely filing
  • 102 filings completed
  • 36 state registrations completed, and 36 state accounts configured  

“It’s straightforward and I like the ease of it. You guys do the registration, payments, and everything like that, which is awesome.”

Zamp is happy to take care of the Solace Band team’s sales tax needs from start to finish. Chad and his team are continuing to crush it in the smartwatch accessories space, without having to worry about whether or not they’re staying up to date with the latest sales tax requirements. His advice to anyone considering Zamp:

“If you are doing a ton in sales and you don't want to deal with sales tax yourself, and you don't want to have to tell agencies what to do or how to do it, definitely go with Zamp. You're not really going to have to do anything at all with them.”

Running an e-commerce business is no easy feat. Whenever sales are involved, sales tax comes with the territory—but you shouldn’t have to choose between remaining compliant and growing your brand. 

With Zamp as your partner, you can get your mind off of sales tax and focus on what matters most to you.  

Get in touch to learn how we can help.


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