How Little Hunter Registered and Filed in 15+ States with Zamp

By partnering with Zamp, dog food brand Little Hunter no longer has to worry about sales tax and has regained time to focus on their rapid business growth.

How Little Hunter Registered and Filed in 15+ States with Zamp
Founded 2022
Based Los Angeles, CA
Industry E-commerce, Pet food
Mission Provide nutritious and convenient raw food diets for dogs, leading to longer, healthier, and happier lives—and happier pet owners.
As a startup, I think Zamp is the best partner you could work with in terms of ease and truly getting rid of the burden of sales tax.
Annie Wasserman
Annie Wasserman CEO of Little Hunter

About Little Hunter

Dog kibble was created in response to food shortages during World War II. Despite its negative effects on dog health and digestion, high-grain kibble diets have remained popular for their convenience and cost-effectiveness. While raw meat alternatives are ideal, they’re notoriously expensive, difficult to store, and can easily spoil.

Until Little Hunter came along in 2022. The team was driven by the ethos that furry friends deserve the highest quality ingredients to support their overall health and longevity, without their owners needing to sacrifice on cost and convenience. 

They offer the best of both worlds with all the benefits of a raw food diet in the form of freeze dried kibble, making it just as nutritious as raw meat, shelf stable for one to two years, and no freezer space is required to store it.  


A new and fast-growing company doesn’t have time to deal with the intricacies of sales tax compliance.

Little Hunter hit the ground running once they entered the market with their unique solution to nutritious and convenient dog food. However, that meant that sales—and sales tax requirements—quickly began to pile up.

When their first registration came along, it took a full day to complete.The task required seeking out advice from both an accountant and lawyer to ensure they remained compliant, which made for a complicated, time consuming, and expensive undertaking.

Not long after, Annie Wasserman, CEO of Little Hunter, found Zamp. Fortunately, this meant they didn’t have to repeat the painful process all over again.

“I think we got really lucky that we got to start almost day one with Zamp. To be able to have a team that's not only tracking all of your sales taxes and liabilities, but also registering on your behalf was massive for us.” 


Zamp took care of Little Hunter’s sales tax process from start to finish, resulting in three primary benefits:  

Benefit #1: Sales tax on autopilot

Since implementing Zamp, Annie no longer has to think about sales tax and whether or not she needs to register and file in additional states. 

“I can put sales tax on autopilot. I don't have to think about it. And if I do, Zamp is like a friendly reminder. You do it in a way where I'm not freaking out because it's too late, but it's a preemptive kind of thing. It’s peace of mind about everything sales tax-related.”

Benefit #2: Quick and responsive customer support

Aside from having all of her sales tax needs taken care of, Annie also has immediate access to sales tax experts who can answer any questions she has. 

“Zamp has impeccable customer service and the support team is incredibly responsive. With other third-party providers, it takes a week to resolve things and they don't get back to you until after 24 hours. I always know the team at Zamp is going to get back to me within minutes if not hours.”

Benefit #3: Seamless onboarding and implementation

Getting started was easy. The onboarding and implementation process was as simple as 1-2-3. After completing the following steps, Annie was good to go: 

  1. 1. Provide Zamp access to transactional data
  2. 2. Sign pre-populated Power of Attorney forms
  3. 3. Set-up Multi-Factor Authentication with a dedicated sales tax specialist on the phone

“I think the customer support and service team are the best part about Zamp. They're super friendly. There's no such thing as a dumb question. It’s been such a big help and they are there every step of the way.” 


Instead of navigating sales tax complexities, Annie focuses on growth initiatives.

Here’s a snapshot of how Zamp has taken sales tax off of the Little Hunter team’s plate in the last several months: 

  • 6 months of accurate and timely filing
  • 18 state filings completed
  • 15 state registrations completed
  • 18 state accounts configured 
  • Upgraded their tier in response to rapid sales growth

Zamp is happy to keep handling sales tax from start to finish for Annie and her team. That way, they can continue to improve the diets and lives of furry friends across the U.S.

“​​There's no reason why you should still be on some of these incumbent platforms…either switch or join as a startup because I think they are the best sales tax partner to work with, especially if you're a very nascent brand.” 

Sales tax is an inevitable to-do list item for all e-commerce brands. You shouldn’t have to spend your time worrying about sales tax compliance while you’re scaling your business. With Zamp, we take care of sales tax so you can focus on your most high-impact to-do’s. Get in touch to learn how we can help. 


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