Freedom from sales tax

Zamp takes sales tax off your plate from start to finish so you never touch it again!

Our solution includes white-glove onboarding, rooftop accurate calculations, and unlimited registrations & filing.

All for one price.

Trusted sales tax partner for fast-growing companies

Why Zamp?

Zamp completely outsources sales tax compliance for teams.

Solution Approach

When we say automation, we really mean it! From onboarding to supporting future changes, Zamp manages everything for you. Sales tax where all you need to do is click approvals from your phone and we do the rest!

Developer Friendly API
for Multi-Channel Sellers

Within minutes, you can connect your existing e-commerce, marketplace & ERP systems and implement Zamp. Our native integrations today include Shopify and Amazon and adding more quickly. Reach out with your specific use case.


One simple price that will scale with your business. No overages, no hidden fees, no surprises.

Loved by Founders, CFOs, and Operators

Zamp customers never have to touch sales tax again

Ongoing Product Mapping

We streamline the tax mapping process for you by leveraging advanced technology and human expertise to constantly identify & monitor tax categories for all your products...

...making sure you collect the right sales tax rate on every product sold.

Economic Nexus Analytics, Registration & Filing

Now you can identify historical economic nexus risk & track future exposure in each jurisdiction by utilizing our proprietary Nexus Checker to identify where you need to collect sales tax.

The actual registration and filing? We take care of it for you.

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