Glamnetic + INH Use Zamp to Manage Sales Tax in 40 States, and Counting

Learn how omni-channel beauty brands Glamnetic and Insert Name Here worked with Zamp to tackle sales tax complexities that accompanied massive business growth.

Glamnetic + INH Use Zamp to Manage Sales Tax in 40 States, and Counting


Founded 2019
Based Miami, FL
Industry Multi-channel (e-commerce, retail), Beauty
Mission We believe in promoting confidence through our simplified beauty routine. With our high-quality, easy-to-use products, you’ll save time, money and effort! Glamnetic is beauty on your time.

Insert Name Here

Founded 2019
Based Los Angeles, CA
Industry Multi-channel (e-commerce, retail), Beauty
Mission Inspiring confidence, community & self-expression through hair.
We have faces to names. We've met the team and we know who we can reach out to for notices or any questions that we may have.
Mayra Jimenez
Mayra Jimenez Assistant Controller at Kombo Ventures

About Glamnetic and Insert Name Here

Before Glamnetic came along, easy-to-apply magnetic lashes that looked as beautiful as regular lashes were impossible to find. Founder Ann McFerran recognized a major opportunity to make eyelashes accessible to all, for every occasion and time of day. 

What began with just a few thousand dollars running the business out of her Los Angeles apartment, Ann turned Glamnetic into a global beauty behemoth in less than a year—all while a pandemic and global crisis played out in the background.

Insert Name Here (INH) co-founders Sharon Pak and Jordan Wynn started their first ecommerce journey together while at cosmetics brand Colourpop. With a passion for hair and hair tools, they founded INH in 2019 and quickly grew, venturing into multi-channel sales via retail spaces and Amazon. 


Fast-growth beauty brands have no time to deal with complicated sales tax requirements.

While many businesses struggled during the 2020 pandemic, Glamnetic experienced rapid growth by boosting their advertising efforts at a time when others began to pull back on ad spend. 

As their strategy paid off and sales continued to climb, their team developed into multiple departments, including retail. This growth allowed them to expand with retail sales across Ulta, Sephora, Target, and Kohl's. However, the more the business grew, the more complex sales tax requirements became—and the same was true for INH.

Although Mayra Jimenez, Assistant Controller at Kombo Ventures, was working with a sales tax provider for both brands, clarity and communication consistently fell short. After being constantly redirected to other support representatives, Mayra wasn’t sure if her “dedicated rep” was a real person or a robot!

Additionally, submitting notices and taking care of filings required completing a long series of steps that Mayra and her team had to handle on their own.

“I would kind of be left in the dark and I mean, I'm no sales tax expert. We didn't have any guidance as to how to register, where to register, did we reach nexus, or were we close to reaching it? There wasn’t a lot of clear direction.”


Zamp transformed Glamnetic and INH’s sales tax process, driving three core benefits:   

Benefit #1: A transparent process for getting sales tax off their plate

With Zamp, navigating sales tax has been transparents and hands-off. 

“The transparency of what's being submitted and having the email being sent to us days into the new month for the previous month gives us a lot of time to review and approve. It's pretty hands-off where you just connect your software as you connect your stores to Zamp, and pretty much everything is then passed on to the team.” 

Since getting started with Zamp, Mayra and her team went from spending over 10 hours on sales tax each month to not having to worry about it at all.

“I'm no longer spending multiple hours in a month trying to reconcile large amounts of data for Shopify and wholesale and retail. Having Zamp being able to manage the transactions has been really helpful. We have a lot more time to really dig into our own trends and day-to-day tasks.” 

Benefit #2: Direct access to support from sales tax experts

Zamp’s unique managed approach meant that Mayra and her team now had direct access to sales tax experts. Gone were the days of waiting around for answers to their timely questions.

“If we have any questions, we can always reach out to the support team and get an answer within a couple days, whereas we didn't have that with our previous provider.”

Benefit #3: Easy onboarding and implementation  

Zamp’s onboarding process was simple and straightforward. It took a total of three hours, which included:  

  1. 1. Give Zamp access to transactional data.
  2. 2. Signing pre-populated Power of Attorney forms
  3. 3. Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication with help from a dedicated onboarding specialist

“The whole onboarding process was really great. Gabrielle was very patient with us and we were able to pretty much get all of it done.”


These days, Glamnetic and INH focus on accelerating business growth, while Zamp handles all of their sales tax requirements.  

Below is how Zamp gave Glamnetic and INH over 10 hours of time back each month: 


  • 3 months of accurate & timely filing
  • 67 state filings completed
  • 40 state account configurations completed  

Insert Name Here

  • 3 months of accurate & timely filing
  • 1 state registration
  • 51 filings completed
  • 32 state account configurations completed  

Combined, Zamp has now completed 118 total filings for Glamnetic and INH after 3 months, providing seamless communication along the way. Mayra’s advice for anyone considering Zamp is:

“These are real people that you're communicating with, and you're getting answers in a timely manner within less than three days. You have a response back.”

Zamp will continue to keep sales tax off of Mayra and her team’s plate, so Glamnetic and INH can continue thriving as beauty industry powerhouses. 

All businesses need to remain sales tax compliant. You shouldn’t have to split your time stressing about sales tax and focusing on business growth—with Zamp, we take care of sales tax from start to finish.  

Get in touch with us to learn more.


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