Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Every business with a sales tax license is required to file a sales tax return, even if no sales were made during the period covered by the return. This would be referred to as a “zero dollar return”.

If your sales tax liability has declined, you may request less frequent filing from the specific state.

Unfortunately, unless there are specific extenuating circumstances, the answer is typically no.

The Commissioner of Revenue is authorized to provide an extension of time to file the return for good cause (e.g., natural disaster creates a hardship for filing the return on time). In these cases, the tax remains due and interest may apply for late payment.​

Keep in mind that interest and penalties will apply for sales tax returns that are filed late.

Most states will assign you either a monthly, quarterly, or annual filing frequency. The more sales volume you have in a state, the more often that state will want you to file a sales tax return.

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