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Watch the recording for an in‑depth conversation about how finance leaders at 9‑figure brands collaborate with marketing leaders to build sustainable businesses.

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Welcome to Finance Talks

An open-dialogue series by Zamp and Common Thread Collective that serves to bridge the gap between finance and marketing leaders.


Taylor Holiday Taylor Holiday CEO @ Common Thread Collective

Taylor has been the CEO of an eCommerce growth agency, Common Thread Collective (CTC) for 12 years. They work with brands like Native, APL, Solo Stove among many others. He's also a founder and partner in several digitally native brands.

Daniel Welch Daniel Welch CFO @ Kate Farms, prev. Oura & Sonos

Daniel has been leading finance across Kate Farms, Oura, and Sonos for the last 6 years. He has experience with an IPO while at Sonos. Prior to that, he worked in various financial services roles including investment banking for over 10 years.

Dan Larson Dan Larson CFO @ Dr. Squatch

Dan has been leading finance at Dr. Squatch for the last 4 years. Prior to that, he worked with a consumer-focused private equity shop, Brentwood Associates, for a couple years and in investment banking at Barclays in their Consumer Retail Group.

Tanner Lamb Tanner Lamb CFO @ Cozy Earth

Tanner has been CFO at Cozy Earth for the last 4 years. Prior to that, he worked in various finance and accounting leadership roles across multiple industries for 10 years.

About the speakers

Daniel, Dan and Tanner are experienced CFOs of 9-figure brands.They have experience joining as the early, if not first, finance hires at the company and working cross functionally with marketing, operations and product teams to grow the business sustainably. Meaning, while many brands their size are facing headwinds, they've cracked the formula to take advantage of the current market opportunity. Together with Taylor, they dive deep into aligning incentives, when to invest long-term vs. short-term, driving LTV vs. AOV, and more.

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