The Perfect P&L

Watch the recording for a conversation with the finance & marketing leaders of 9-figure omni-channel brand, Cozy Earth. They dive deep into the core financial document of any organization - the Profit & Loss Statement (P&L).

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Welcome to Bridges

An open-dialogue series by Zamp and Common Thread Collective that serves to bridge the gap between finance and marketing leaders where we will deep dive into a relevant topic with a top CFO and CMO duos.


Taylor Holiday Taylor Holiday CEO
@ Common Thread Collective

Taylor has been the CEO of an eCommerce growth agency, Common Thread Collective (CTC) for 12 years. They work with brands like Native, APL, Solo Stove among many others. He's also a founder and partner in several digitally native brands.

Tanner Lamb Tanner Lamb CFO
@ Cozy Earth

Tanner has been CFO at Cozy Earth for the last 4 years. Prior to that, he worked in various finance and accounting leadership roles across multiple industries for 10 years.

George Davis George Davis Head of Marketing
@ Cozy Earth

George has been Head of Marketing at Cozy Earth for the last 4 years and has been an integral part of the marketing team for the last 6 years. He has extensive experience in digital and growth marketing.

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